chemical substance system – a convincing argument

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Teachers: so…you are interested in learning the chemical industry?

Students: Mmmm. No idea that air pollution and material is usually pretty bad.

Teachers: do you think that the sector is the supply of most air pollutants then simply?

Students: of course.

Teachers: you have in this analysis?

Students: Hummph. Do not want everyone understands, is usually more accurate.

Teachers: Really? My analysis tells me in a different way. Let me know what you do when you are the contamination of the air?

Students: scents, poisoned and people desperately.

Teachers: And you think that all this is straight down on the chemical substance?

Students: Okay.

Teachers: and what is the situation with all the fumes from your central heating boilers in the house? What about the vapors from your car? What is with all the fumes from the power to generate the energy for your lighting or air-conditioning in the house? What about…

Students: Yes, yes, whatever.

Teachers: You slandered me personally by the finding of a difference of opinion, and refuse to listen to an enemy guards, so easy. I do not really want to my training in any case move along and let the next person make sure you in.

Students: What do you mean, you have no desire to me personally? Huh?

Teachers: exactly that move along the right hand side.

Student: OK, I am personally convinced that the sociable people, this chemical substance, the vegetation are all great men, even zero air pollution

teachers: this was not what we have said. Create the pollution of air, but much less than they used and much less than the power is to be invoiced. There are settings that you can start what gas in the refreshing atmosphere, and how much of each gas. The companies have to monitor their emissions and inform the federal government if you discharge as well as very much.

Students: very likely.

Teacher: The federal government send inspectors to check whether the supervision on the spot. These officials to unannounced excursions and if all the missing data is better at the end is a good description.

Students: mmmm

teachers: Companies are five season targets to reduce their emissions below the current amounts. If these objectives are of you suggest, if you hit it after two years, the general government units further decline to focus, within a period of five years

: the student is not very good.

Teachers: It all seems unfair but the regular trips for reduced emissions is the organization that is in the study, invest and new procedures to reduce the quantity of waste that it all produced. It stimulates the current organization to discover the for the waste.

Student: noise, which was quite large.

Teachers: technology moves to almost all of the time. The procedures more effective and air pollution is reduced. There is no sector can be the reduction of air pollution must be set to zero.

Students: why not?

Teacher: The rules of the decline comes back. 90% of the emissions can end is at low price. Sheets, the 10%. A further 9% can end is at high price nor the 1%. A high price is in any case required to perform the following 0 incredible.9%, but there are still 0.1% of the original quantity. You can observe that the removal of the price is in any case but reduce air pollution is in any case still more and more.

Student: Ideal. It is in any case the chemical substance anatomist a good choice?

Teachers: It all depends… You want to give to the solution of complications, become capable to believe. Do you want to be able to be part of a group can be combined.

Student: ideal…

Teachers: You want at the end of the interest in a career in management

college student: huh, why?

Teachers: technology goes along quickly in this area and within 10 years to your understanding can at the end will be overhauled. It is at the end of the new graduates for the functioning career you will be on the implementation, up to the time to understand. Most of the chemical substance designer in the administration over twelve years in the operation. Your system is generally useful, but you acknowledge that you are not in the reduction of benefit for much longer.

Students: management, but in the end will be a great professional, is not it?

Teachers: You can view all, in fact. Are you interested in that after selecting more?

Students: Definitely, and many thanks.

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